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Carlos Tato

Dreamer, creator... human. Multidisciplinary artist: I live to create, I create to live.

Dreamer, creator... human. Multidisciplinary artist: I live to create, I create to live.


As we watch the world squirm and grope for solutions, anything interesting, sustainable or healthy becomes more and more expensive. And it should be the contrary.

By always putting greed first, we forget what it really means to be humans. What's the point of that? If we don't put people at the center, industries, business and consumption become merely destructive acts. Thus, we become our own enemies and raze the planet that shelters us. Look out there. The old ways of doing things will fall, that's clear, but the transformation to something better is up to us.

You are not just a consumer (it would be insulting to reduce you to that) and I don't want to charge people to turn them into billboards "for my brand". I'm NOT a brand. I'm a human being trying to do things differently: most of my products are free of visible logos, and all my original creations are made from the love and power that gives the most absolute of creative freedoms.

I only aspire that you enjoy and that together we change the way we create and consume, making my work and its production sustainable and accessible as possible. If on that path we both end up looking in the mirror or at our surroundings and feeling good... inside and out... that would be a wonderful thing.

Doing things differently:

No Logo

Most of the products have no visible logos. Less brand, more art and self expression, only you.

Healthy and Safe

Apparel products uses water-based NeoPigment™ inks that are 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free, and adhere to the strictest human health and environmental safety standards. Inks are 100% biodegradable, contains no animal by-products, and are completely vegan friendly.

Production process takes place in clean, safe facilities.

Guaranteed happiness

Custom made for you.

We want you satisfied. You can count on the best Customer Support, for any of your needs. Promise.

Fighting for Sustainability

Made on demand. No warehouses full of stocked products.

Completely waterless printing process for a low environmental footprint.

Less wasteful production and shipping.

Recycling and almost paperless workflow.

Actively working to reduce environmental impact by decreasing energy consumption, wastes, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

For a better world and more concious consumption

Donating a portion of the proceeds to several Causes and Charities (Humanitarian Aid, suicide prevention, mental illness awareness, against racial injustice, pro Pride/LGBTQIA+ and more). You can see if a product supports a cause under item's description.

Ethical High-Standards Products

Committed and certified products, made under fair compensation and benefits.

Prohibition of Forced and Child Labor, Discrimination or Harassment.

All workers must enjoy Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining.